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Equipment for plastic cards printing

Since 2003 we carry out delivery, service and repair of the equipment for plastic cards printing and personification.

Cards’ printers - the irreplaceable decision for manufacturing of identification cards on the enterprise and badges for employees. Functionality, easy to use, compactness and the low cost price of the printing have made this equipment the irreplaceable tool in construction of access control systems at the average and big enterprises.

The brand which is trusted all over the world. More than in 90 countries of the world the dye sublimation printers for Zebra plastic cards printing make daily 1.5 million cards every day.

The French company, founded in 1999. Develops, manufactures and sells a full range of solutions for personification of plastic cards.

The leader in manufacturing of heat transfer printers with HDP technology for manufacturing of identification cards of high protection degree, for access control systems in the enterprises.

The equipment of CIM company is distinguished by an optimum parity of the price and quality, reliability in the operation, adjusted service and consulting support.

Plastic cards printers made in USA. High reliability, guarantee 2 years, manufacturing up to 250000 cards per year, high speed of printing.

The new arrogant player on the market of plastic cards printers manufacturers. Printers of the given manufacturer allow to achieve faultless photographic quality of printing due to use of new revolutionary technologies.


Embossers - is a difficult technical complex for mechanical embossment on a plastic card of the alphanumeric information. The irreplaceable equipment for personification of plastic cards.

Italian industrial company Matica - one of the largest manufacturers-suppliers in the world market of the equipment for plastic cards printing and personification.


For polygraphic companies, which manufacture plastic cards productive printer models and embossers for personification printing are always available.

Delivering the equipment reliable and checked up by the time, we place emphasis on timely providing raw materials to our clients and partners and operative service.

The wide range of raw materials which are always available:

ink ribbons (Ribbon)

clear plastic cards, cards with magnetic strip, Siemens memory cards, Mifare smart cards, Em-marine proximity cards

cleaning sets